Help avid cyclist create more cycling experiences worth sharing. So they can wonder less about the world and start wandering more of it.

Life can seem pretty complicated, stressful and frustrating. The world won’t slow down for us. 

I think you’re right but that doesn’t mean we have to speed up.

I’m not sure how you’ve made it here but it means you discovered how cycling can help us dropout of life for a moment, show us the world in a new way, and put us on better route.

I think life is Simple

Not Easy, Not More, Not Less

I think life is Simple

Life is Better when enjoyed, appreciated and shared.

Cycling Dropout was made to share the simple pleasures of cycling life. its a place which hopes to reach and encourage others who are and want to do similar.

About Me

Paul Kumm, Cycling Dropout

I am an adventurous cyclist, focused on navigating new terrain as often as possible. I value experience over results, and focusing on exploring is the best way I know to do just that. 

Over my life, I have experienced excursions that that helped me develop a skillset and mindset to tackle new challenges and terrain.

I now look to share my background to help other avid cyclists create more cycling experiences worth sharing, so they can wonder less about the world, and wonder more of it.

Photography was the first thing I ever added to my cycling repertoire. I was always observant of my surroundings and my environment. After seeing so many mediocre social media posts of great cycling experiences. I thought I could do a better job of representing my passion. 

In 2015 I got my first camera and decided to take pictures at the local grassroots race, knowing I could feel comfortable shooting friends at the event. Surprisingly the photos felt more true to the event than I thought I could achieve. I quickly caught the photo bug in a similar manner as one does with cycling. With time my photos got better as my understanding of light, perspective, and subtle moments grew. 

Now, I’m a methodical guy, moving fast for me doesn’t happen without experience and forethought. So for a long time, I didn’t put pressure on myself to share the majority of my work. That doesn’t mean I didn’t take steps towards sharing the work, but I’ve wanted it to be methodical. I’ve been mapping, gearing up and preparing to start Cycling Dropout as my venture.

Cycling Dropout is still a work in progress (and will forever be evolving) at the moment it serves to give a platform to share real experiences of cycling and any of its tangents in the best light.

190312_PK__watson lake_gravel self-PKUM0213

I grew up in Wisconsin, possibly the most under-rated state for cycling. Growing up there wasn’t a developed cycling community. But somehow my jealousy of looking at my big brother bike was enough to turn my infatuation into a lasting zeal about cycling.

I became familiar with wearing lycra in public space, and before I started high school I became the first boy to start shaving his…legs (the face would take a bit longer).

Back then I was very much into road racing. To do this day racing still pulls my heart strings. But as I got faster and better in the peleton I eventually noticed there were people who actually enjoyed the suffering. They would say it reminds them they are still living. I completely understand this thinking but for me, I like a gentler reminder. I don’t race much anymore but I don’t think I’m done with it, but I am done pursuing it.

These days, I look forward to stops and side excursions on and off the bike.

190312_PK__watson lake_gravel self-PKUM0273